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Medjoul Dates

In the world of dates, Medjoul Dates are known as a superior and unique confection, and were once exclusively reserved for royalty and their guests. They are special because they can grow only in a very few areas in the world (California, Mexico, the Jordan Valley and some parts of Africa) and because they have the ability to naturally grow larger while maintaining a rich taste and an enjoyable texture. While there have been attempts to cultivate Medjoul date palms in different parts of the world, the crop has not yet delivered the special quality and taste criteria for which Medjoul dates are favored. Most consumers associate Medjoul dates with the widely known soft Jumbo dates (extremely large size with soft flesh), while only a few know that this date variety is also available in various sizes, softness, and appearance, offering delicious alternatives that are in line with the different consumer preferences and uses. Medjoul dates are energy dense with a juicy, fleshy and Chewy texture. Full of natural sugars, mostly in the form of glucose and fructose, they represent a healthy and highly energizing snack choice.

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